Strategically Informed

Business Accountant in Cheltenham

The Strategically Informed package from Straight Forward Accounting Solutions brings your numbers to life and puts them to work so you can build sustainable success through strategic thinking.

Your customised set of *Strategically Informed* services (set out below) provides you with proactive oversight and partner-like support to:

Keep your business up to date and compliant

Provide input to help you achieve better financial outcomes

Work with you to monitor and analyse expenses and revenue items for key business insights

Problem-solve issues as they arise, and help target key numbers in order to streamline the most important aspects of your business operations

Investigate and discuss options for improvement thereby putting you in control of the financial drivers shaping your profitability.

Included Services:

Accounting Fundamentals 

All Accounting Fundamentals services are included in this package.

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SFAS S1 – Prepare yearly budget and cashflow forecast

Prepare a detailed 12-month cash flow forecast and budget broken down month by month. Service includes:

Review of sales income, likely expenditure and financial and operational goals

Annual business planning meeting to discuss strategies and establish targets

Cashflow forecast for the period to help anticipate highs and lows, develop business and contingency plans, and assist with managing cash, debts and payments

Profit and Loss budget forecast for the period to help monitor performance and support informed decision-making.

Forecasts will be in a format suitable for presentation to your stakeholders or bank manager.

SFAS S2 – Prepare monthly management reports

Provides advanced insight into your business numbers to drive informed decision-making. Service includes:

Prepare visual reports that readily communicate vital financial information about revenue and key business performance ratios.

Investigate financial data relating to costs, sales, margins, break even points, income factors and service/product profiles for effectiveness and profitability.

Interpret reports to provide insight into cause, effect and strategies for improvement; contribute practical advice on how to improve financial health.

Reports can include:

  • Dashboard (1-page visual barometer of your business)
  •  Income statements (Profit & Loss account)
  • Cash summary
  • Balance Sheet
  • Accounts Receivables due with Aged Debtors details
  • Accounts Payables due with Aged Creditors details
  • Profit contribution analysis report (by project and/or client)

SFAS S3 – Monitor and analyse expenses for key business insights

Keeps you on top of your fixed and variable expenses and profit margin. Service includes:

Observe activity, trends and changes

Monitor expenses

Provide monthly reports that target and interpret your key numbers.

SFAS S4 – Conduct monthly business review meeting

Brings your business numbers to life to put you in control of the financial drivers shaping your business profitability. Service includes:

Conduct online or onsite meeting once a month

Work through monthly management reports to interpret and discuss:

  • Numbers and implications
  • Process improvements
  • Systems for your business
  • Cost saving opportunities

Keep you up to date with system and regulatory changes affecting your business

Work with you to consider, plan and assess strategies for improving financial health during the next month.

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