Essential Insights

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The Essential Insights package from Straight Forward Accounting Solutions provides you with a deep understanding of your business numbers so you can continuously improve the financial health of your business.

Your customised set of Essential Insights services (set out below) puts the spotlight on your business numbers to reveal information that is uniquely valuable to you.

Like a regular health check, our problem-solving reports tell you what’s good, what could be better and what risks to watch out for. Our analysis of changes from quarter to quarter reveals how current activities make your business better or worse, and shows how best to make sustainable improvements.

We also support you with robust processes for managing cash flow, quarterly analysis and review, and unlimited email and telephone support to problem-solve issues as they arise.

Included Services:

Accounting Fundamentals 

All Accounting Fundamentals services are included in this package.

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SFAS E1 – Monitor debtors and creditors

Improves cash flow through timely collection. Service includes:

Report aged payables/receivables

Provide guidance and support to help evolve robust processes for achieving better cash flow.

SFAS E2 – Prepare quarterly management reports

Gives direct insight into your business profitability using targeted reports that focus on the fundamental needs of your business. Reports are *not* standard one size fits all. They are customised to fit your precise business needs.

Service includes:

Prepare visual reports that readily communicate vital financial information

Analyse and interpret factors affecting profitability

Offer practical advice on how to improve financial health.

30 minute meeting via Zoom to explain the numbers

Reports can include:

Dashboard (1-page visual barometer of your business)

Income statements (Profit & Loss account)

Cash summary (How much going through, where coming from, where going)

Balance Sheet

Accounts Receivables due with Aged Debtors details

Accounts Payables due with Aged Creditors details

Profit contribution analysis report (by project and/or client)

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