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Giving You Financial Clarity

Straight Forward Accounting Solutions is a bookkeeping and financial management service with a difference.

We are focused on helping you understand your numbers so your business can thrive.

About Straight Forward Accounting Solutions

The Numbers Whisperers

We provide bookkeeping and financial management services as well as training and audit services that help our clients take real financial control of their business.

Our expertise and experience ensures that you are getting a clear and correct story from your numbers, while remaining compliant with the ATO.

We give you back your time by activating and leveraging the latest cloud based financial management technology. This keeps things simple so you have a clear picture of your numbers and can make decisions with confidence.

To take the first step towards a thriving business, please book in for a free consultation.

More Than Bookkeeping

Why Choose Us

Finance Experts

Our team are qualified bookkeepers and financial managers.

Education & Service

Let us teach you how to manage your books or take over and do it for you.

Tailored Packages

Talk to us about the services that will help your business have better financial control.

Real Financial Clarity

When you understand your numbers, you can make better decisions.

Free Up Your Time

Skip the stress of trying to balance and make sense of your finances.

Grow Your Business

With financial clarity comes the opportunity for exciting growth.

Be The Business That Thrives

Our Vision

When small businesses fail, it is often due to poor financial management.

Our vision is to be in a world where small businesses have the support, the tools and understanding they need to thrive.

We are making this a reality by keeping small business owners informed about their numbers so they can make the best decisions about their future.

Bookkeeping Firm in Cheltenham
Business Accountant in Cheltenham

Our Director

Lisa Stoneham CPA

A qualified accountant and bookkeeper, Lisa has been managing business numbers since 2005.
She is a member of CPA Australia, holds a Bachelor of Business degree from Monash University, is a Registered BAS Agent and a Xero Certified Consultant.

After a decade of working as a corporate accountant in a wide variety of industries, Lisa realised her dream to run her own business. She started Straight Forward Accounting Solutions in 2015 with a vision of sharing her corporate-level knowledge with small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Her days are now focused on helping clients from across Melbourne and beyond to be empowered around their finances so they can make informed decisions about their future.

To take the first step towards a thriving business please book in for a free consultation with Lisa.