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During your free strategy call we will get to know your business and the challenges you are facing in managing your business finances.  This will be a conversation where I will ask you a few questions, listen to you and basically have a human to human conversation.  Once I understand your unique needs and what you are looking to achieve in your business I will then provide you with the most cost-effective and efficient bookkeeping and financial management solution.  This will enable you to make sense of your numbers which will in turn assist you to build a bigger and better business.

One on one 15 minute strategy session

Guidance on the best way for you to take control and stay on top of your business numbers

An understanding on how being in control of your business finances enables informed decision making

Clarity, confidence and focus in dealing with your business finances

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I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa. She offers much more than just standard bookkeeping services.  She does those really well as well but there’s a lot more that she can offer and she can really help you to get an insight into running your business and keep you on track with the financial side of things.  I think not all business owners really understand the financial side of the business as that might not be their strong point.  And so, having somebody with a good understanding is just invaluable to helping you keep your business running and keeping profitable.

- Harriet Lammin

JDA Lammin Architects

Sometimes because running a charity can be quite different from running a business we have quite unique needs in terms of managing and reporting on our finances.  Lisa was able to dive in really quickly and really quickly understand the best way that we consider our finances for our needs and Xero to make sure we can meet the needs of all our stakeholders.

- Johanna de Burca

Just Peoples

CEO / Co-Founder

If you want to put Xero in your business and you are thinking who can help you in the best possible way there is no other stone to be unturned than to go with Lisa.

- Mary Jensen

M Power Services