The Day Xero Changed My Life

The day that I discovered Xero accounting software was literally a life changing moment and this is not something I say lightly being a laid back and low-key sort of person. So how did this come about?

In February 2013 I was made redundant from my job after 5 years. I came away from that with a vague idea to go into business for myself doing bookkeeping and accounting using MYOB, which is what I knew at the time. While doing some research I kept seeing the name “Xero” crop up as a system that some bookkeepers were using. I didn’t think much of it at the time and just thought it was another accounting software package that was one of many out there. Most people know and use MYOB so I put it out of my mind again.

A few months later I saw an advertisement for a Xero Roadshow that was coming to Melbourne. Curiosity got the better of me this time and I decided to go along and check it out. The added bonus was that it was a day out and a free feed which is good for someone not gainfully employed!

From the moment I walked in the door at the Melbourne Park Function Centre I was seriously blown away after wondering if I was in the right place – this was after all a function put on by an accounting software provider. The energy around the place was just amazing with all the staff in Xero t-shirts and the passion for the software and what they do just oozed out of them. They were literally jumping out of their skin. There was not a suit and tie in sight which is my kind of place!

Seeing the software being demonstrated and discovering what it could do and how easy it was to use was a light bulb moment for me in that I decided then and there this was where my future was going to lie. It was like MYOB who? I was just amazed when I saw automatic bank feeds, the expo with all the add-on partners displaying their products that directly integrate with Xero and the ability to get real time financial information on a phone and tablet.

The most incredible thing I found out on that day was this system was going to completely change the way bookkeepers and accountants work. For bookkeepers the focus was shifting away from doing data entry to providing more value added services such as providing information and helping small business owners to make sense of their numbers. This was music to my ears as this is the area of accounting I am most passionate about.

Since that day almost 3 years Xero has been a huge part of my life in that it is the only accounting software I use and it is what I have built my business around.

How did you discover Xero and what went through your mind the first time you saw it? Would love to hear your thoughts.

#accounting #xero #bookkeeping #cloudsoftware

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