Making Sense of it All

A critical part of running a business is having a grip on your finances.  Without this knowledge you are effectively flying blind! Business owners who understand what their numbers are telling them are able to make great decisions about their business.  Replace the uncertainty and associated anxiety around your finances with clarity and clear thinking.  We can help make this a reality by providing you with relevant information about your business in a clear and easy to understand format.  The information in these reports can be explained to you in plain english so you can really make sense of it all and know the story behind the numbers.
We can help you make sense of it all by providing the following information about your business:
  • Budgets
  • Budget Variance Reporting
  • Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Key Performance Indicator Reporting
  • Comparison with other periods
  • Trends in revenue, costs, profit and margin.
  • One Page Business Dashboard showing business critical information
  • Board Reports
  • Customised Reports to suit your needs
  • Analysis of your financial information in plain english (no jargon - we promise!)
Every business is different and their information needs reflect this.  We can do as little or as much work as you need.  If you only require a One Page snapshot of key information we can help with that.  Or if you require more detailed reporting we can also help with that.  You can get a regular monthly reporting service at a fixed fee per month or you can use our services on an ad hoc basis such as assistance with your annual budget.  
Below are examples of the different sort of reports we can provide for you.  These can be combined with one of our bookkeeping or payroll packages or can be a stand alone service.  If you want to get a clear picture of your finances                       

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